Single on Valentine’s Day? Who Cares!

Hi, my name is Laura and I am single on Valentine’s Day.

When I enter any store or public location, I am harassed and dazzled with hearts of pink and red and chocolate boxes and cards for people of all ages.

When I go to the store, my daughter points out all the Valentine’s Day candy she sees because apparently to four year-old’s, every holiday is a celebration of chocolate and gifts…upon them.

Truly, it is though.

I am Laura, and I am almost divorced, separated for almost two whole years and am completely and utterly single.

When I go to websites and social media outlets, retargeting ads hit me saying “Buy this sexy lingerie” or “Indulge in the taste of sweet chocolates.”

I am Laura, and I have gone on a bunch of dates and had not one real boyfriend (minus one guy who got really close) in the time I have been separated.

When I open my mailbox both postal and email, I am flooded with advertisements of sexy lingerie, more chocolate, relationship advice and then some.

I am Laura, single and have no plans for Valentine’s Day.

When I scroll through my online dating apps, I find myself laughing more out of shock than delight.

I am Laura and single on Valentine’s Day and you know what?

I don’t give a sh*t.

I don’t need one solitary day to feel loved as a human being and validated.

I don’t need a present on one day that someone decided might be a great day to boost some sales for advertisers, businesses and marketers to prove that I am worthy.

I don’t need a romantic night out on one day of the year to then go on social media and say: Look at me! I am loved! Valued! Worthy!

I don’t need anyone or anything to tell me I am worthy.

Quite frankly, I am looking for someone who can love me every day of the year (and me love them back) and not just on the one arbitrary day of the year that has been decided as the day of love.

Because no one I would love truly would be that ordinary to think that one day meant everything in the large scheme of things.

I am Laura, single on Valentine’s Day and damnit, I kind of love it.


A Woman Waiting for the Right One and Not Just A Warm Body

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