Treat Yo Self: Make the Most of Cyber Monday AND Giving Tuesday

treat yo self

‘Tis the season to go shopping. But, while you’re taking advantage of all the post-Thanksgiving deals, don’t forget about yourself. Absolutely focus a lot of energy on picking out the perfect pair of argyle socks for your dad who will never actually wear them because they are “too nice,” but do not forget to take some time to focus on you.

Maybe you got divorced this year. Maybe you went through a terrible custody battle. Maybe you just barely made it through the year without any major emergency room visits.

Whatever your year was like, you got through it and hooray for you! You deserve a treat. I’ve got some ideas for you newly, or nearly-newly, divorced troopers out there. So, let the wise words of Tom and Donna echo in your head, and treat yo self!



To start, how about this perfect mug to let the world know you mean business.

Want to look fly? Look no further than this I told my therapist about you” t-shirt as featured on Lisa Rinna. You have to have it because when you wear it you can say, “I’m sure you’re familiar with this t-shirt, as it was featured on Lisa Rinna.” You know my adoration for all things #RealHousewives. Another option is this excellent I’m not with stupid anymore” shirt which can let people know you’ve gotten rid of the dead weight in your life, without you having to actually tell them.  

What about a permanent treat in the form of a tattoo? But not a terrible one. This is not the time for dolphins kissing in the shape of a heart. Pick something meaningful that you’re not going to hate in a month.

Maybe you need to get some aggression out, so how about this voodoo doll of your ex to stick pins in. I’m pretty sure this one isn’t authentic so no need to worry about a Teen Witch situation. For a simpler stress reliever, how about this giant roll of bubble wrap that you can pop to your heart’s content.

Maybe you want to get intellectual this holiday season. Or better yet, get “intellectual” with this Discover Your Animal Spirit Guide meditation CD, because this is the perfect time to explore your ~spiritual side~.

Are you made of money? Spend it on this $500 box of chocolates featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things list because don’t we all want to know what $500 worth of chocolate looks like up close? Still got money to burn? How about this crazy fancy pen, because now you’ve got the time and energy to write the next great American novel.


If you’re looking for more reasonably priced sweets, look no further than Whimsy & Spice, a Brooklyn based confectionery that doesn’t sell chocolates for half a grand, but the cookies and marshmallows sure taste like a million bucks. 

Looking for a project? How about having your wedding ring made into a different piece of jewelry, like a pendant or earrings. This kind of up-cycling is a great idea if you can’t bear the thought of wearing your wedding ring anymore, but don’t want to waste it either. You can collaborate on a design with your favorite local jeweler, or have them come up with concepts for you.  


Looking to be cheered up year round? This great flower delivery service might do the trick to brighten up your new place, or newly empty place.

Need to unwind? Take yourself out for a spa day. Or create one at home with a Lush Bath Set, and then hire a cleaning crew to scrub your tub after you glitter bomb the crap out of it.

Looking to feel good by giving back to others? Support your favorite charity by making a donation. If you need help choosing, Charity Navigator and Charity Watch can help. Or volunteer! Thanksgiving is a great time to get involved with your local food banks and shelters. If you don’t know how to get started, try Volunteer Match which can help pair you with a great cause. If you’re New York City based, another great resource is NYC Service.

Whatever you choose to spoil yourself with, remember you deserve it because holy fudge 2015 was nuts. Be kind to yourself, and remember…




James J. Sexton

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